Operation optimizing ensures resources are managed effectively to satisfy patients and yields expected profit

Operations Services

Policy & Procedure Development

Comprehensive, practical Process and Procedure system (PnP) is the skeleton structure that ensures everybody at any conner of the hospital integrate effectively following the same principles to minimize error and give the best services to customers...

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Operating Optimization

We understand that clients need to renovate operating practices to utilize resources at some points of their business cycle...

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Supply Chain Management

Supplies and Consumables including medicines are top items at the list of hospital expenditures. Good management of these items yields more profit, saves resources and reduces errors and incidents. Practical solutions will be handed to clients along with onsite support to assist them to get their goals of effective managing their goods

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Human Resource Management

Human is the most valuable resource of any healhcare institution. Effective recruiting, retainning, developing and utilizing this resource are always challenging tasks for managers....

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Legal Management

BOHC legal managers assist clients to manage internal legal issues, contracts...We also provide legal consulting packages that support clients to complete legal process to establish their enterprises, to change their bussinesses structure or to assist M&A due diligence

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