Biomedical training for 56 Vietnamese hospitals

Biomedical engineers from 56 hospitals in the southern provinces attended a five-day biomedical engineering training course. The training is part of GE Healthcare's commitment to improving the quality of human resources and investment in the communities in which it operates, by providing education and skills development to the medical team. .
GE Healthcare has partnered with the Department of Medical Devices and Works (Ministry of Health) and local distributors, namely VietMedical Joint Stock Company and Viet Health Services (VietMedical) TD Medical (BM Medical) offers biomedical engineering training (BME) to biomedical engineers from 56 hospitals in South Vietnam. This is the next effort by GE Healthcare and its partners in supporting biomedical engineering education in Vietnam, following the success of the BME Training for Northern Hospitals in 2016.
This training is attended by 56 engineers in charge of management of medical equipment of 56 hospitals from 26 southern provinces. The course takes place in 5 days, bringing together leading industry experts from the Singapore Biomedical Engineers Association (BES), Ngee Ann Singapore Polytechnic Institute, Department of Medical Equipment and Works. During the 5-day training session, trainees were updated on a wide range of knowledge on safety management and operation of medical equipment, on-the-job training and sharing experiences among local and international faculty.
Biomedical engineers play an important role in improving the quality of health care. (Photo: internet source)
According to Nguyen Minh Tuan, Head of the Department of Medical Equipment and Works, training courses combine basic and up-to-date knowledge on medical equipment management for hospitals. Improving the quality of health services, reflected in improving the efficiency of investment and use of medical equipment in the context of biomedical engineering training in hospitals, has not been paid attention.
Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan highly appreciated the role of GE Healthcare, VietMedical and partners in enhancing the knowledge and skills training for hospital engineers; At the same time, GE Healthcare, VietMedical and partners are working quickly with the Department of Medical Facilities and Facilities to develop an annual BME training program that will help many hospital engineers to update their knowledge. more.
On the side of the Ministry of Health, the funding will be strengthened to promote the training of medical equipment management, bringing efficiency to hospitals and the safety and benefits to patients. In particular, Tuan has also delivered an important lecture on medical device management in the period 2016-2021 in Vietnam to help practitioners develop plans for management of medical equipment for hospitals. Based on updated knowledge.
Pham Le