Engagement & Fee


Before engaging our services, you are provided with a Client Service Agreement (CSA) which contains a Cost & Disclosure Statement (written budget) for the engagement based on the scope of work to be performed and the complexity of your challenges

Throughout your engagement, we continually update the time incurred to date, the estimated budget remaining and the scope of work required. Should the updated estimated total cost of the engagement exceed your agreed Cost & Disclosure Statement, we will seek your approval to continue the engagement through a Supplementary Cost & Disclosure Statement.This means that you remain in control of the cost of the service at all times and can see the value of the work performed at any point during the process. Importantly, this approach allows you the option of managing your investments yourself while still receiving the benefits of our holistic advice and risk management.

Each month we will issue a Client File Statement (CFS) that provides an update on the balance of your file, the time incurred conducting the authorised work for the month and any commissions received. The CFS will set out any amounts which have been invoiced or where invoicing has been deferred due to future anticipated commissions.

Upon request we will provide an analysis of your current engagement(s) and any anticipated engagement extensions. This analysis outlines the total amount of the engagement(s), how much work has been completed, how much work is remaining until completion, commissions received, anticipated commissions yet to be received, invoices paid, and indicative future invoicing.


Fee for service

We primarily provide assistance on a 'fee for service' basis, so you are typically only invoiced for the professional time incurred in providing your support. Based on spent time, workload, complexity and required expertise level, fee will be estimated and disclosed to client in Cost & Disclosure Statement prior to starting date.Because every clients' situations is different, fee will be individually estimated based on our experience in similar cases

Should you disengage at any time after engaging our services, you will only be charged for the time incurred in working on your file. We are also committed to refund your full payment if you are not satified due to our poor performance.