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Collaborating, supporting business culture and correct direction create shortcuts to success.

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Provide insight and technical support for clients' financial achievement.

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Operation optimizing ensures resources are managed effectively to satisfy patients and yields expected profit

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Patient safety and satisfaction are golden standards that differentiate your success from others

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Good market analysis plus value-based services open the blue ocean without competitor

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Thought Leadership

BlueOcean Healthcare Consultants(BOHC)

BlueOcean Healthcare Consultants

BlueOcean Healthcare Consultants(BOHC) assists clients in healthcare sector to establish their businesses, improve performance, reduce costs, effectively manage limited resources, recover from distress, recruit talents, engage potential partnerships and stimulate growth. Our professionals employ their expertises in finance, operation, strategy, quality management, marketing and medical specialties to provide our clients with specialized analysis and solutions to deliver sustainable and measurable results...


We work with

  • Diag Lab
  • Thanh An General Hospital
  • Hưng Ha General Hospital
  • Nhi dong clinic System
  • Lạc Viet General Hospital
  • Hung Thinh General Hospital
  • Sentosa Dental Clinic